Day 7: Horizont and Kibirkštis in, Vega 1, Tsmoki and Avangard out

Day 7: Horizont and Kibirkštis in, Vega 1, Tsmoki and Avangard out

Horizont Minsk region won the overtime battle against Avangard Kiev to book the sixth ticket to the Final Eight. The hosts – Vega 1/Liepāja and Kibirkštis Vilnius – suffered tough losses against Pszczolka AZS UMCS and Dynamo Moscow.

Group C: Liepāja, Latvia

TTT Rīga players went on a 18-2 run midway the second quarter to earn a 84-62 win against Istanbul University. Eighteen year old forward Digna Strautmane scored 13 points and grabbed nine rebounds.

Aigars Nerips team won the battle of rebounds (48-37) and scored more points in the paint (32-14). TTT bench players contributed with 38 points, while Istanbul reserves added 22 points.

Slovak powerhouse Good Angels Košice posted convincing win over the Astana Tigers, 82-49, and secured the first place in the Group C. Peter Jankovic`s squad is the only unbeaten team in tournament.

The hosts – Vega 1/Liepāja – took a six points lead, 47-53, with 12 minutes left to play. They were still ahead before the fourth quarter, 57-58, but couldn`t score for the next seven minutes.

Pszczolka AZS UMCS Lublin used this opportunity, by scoring 19 points in a row for a 85-63 success.

Istanbul University holds advantage over Astana Tigers, thanks to a 75-60 win in Riga. If both teams will finish with the same win-loss record, the Turkish club will qualify for the Final Eight.

Group D: Vilnius, Lithuania

Basket 90 Gdynia experienced problems in offense during the last three quarters but prevailed over Tsmoki Minsk, 65-61.

Carolyn Swords had 16 points and nine rebounds for the winners, while Ala Murauskaya scored 18 points and grabbed eight rebounds.

Horizont Minsk became the sixth team to qualify for the Final Eight. Belarus champions survived a 45 minute battle against Avangard Kiev, 70-65. Vladimir Kholopov`s team forced overtime but scored just three points in the next five minutes.

Finally, Kibirkštis Vilnius was very close to upset win. The hosts led, 58-55, with 22 seconds remaining, however the visiting team – Dynamo Moscow finished the game with five consecutive points for a 58-60 win.

Kibirkštis still qualified for the Final Eight, thanks to a 83-49 triumph against Tsmoki Minsk in December.



Group C, Liepāja

TTT Rīga – Istanbul University 84:62



Good Angels – Astana Tigers 82:49



Pszczolka AZS UMCS – Vega 1/Liepāja 85:63



Group D, Vilnius

Tsmoki Minsk – Basket 90 Gdynia 61:65



Avangard Kiev – Horizont Minsk 65:70 OT



Kibirkstis Vilnius – Dynamo Moscow 58:60


BEST PLAYERS, presented by “Fiskars”

TTT Rīga: Digna Strautmane, 13 points, nine rebounds, one assist, one blocked shot, eff 18

Istanbul University: Ilayda Guner, 10 points, two rebounds, four forced fouls, eff 9


Good Angels: Kate Rebecca Allen, 17 points, seven rebounds, three steals, eff 22

Astana Tigers: Hanna Zarytska, 21 point, nine rebounds, one steal, eff 21


Pszczolka AZS UMCS: Tess Madgen, 16 points, five rebounds, two assists, four steals

Vega 1/Liepāja: Ilze Jākobsone, 14 points, five rebounds, eight assists, five forced fouls


Tsmoki Minsk: Ala Murauskaya, 18 points, eight rebounds, three assists, one steal

Basket 90 Gdynia: Carolyn Swords, 16 points, nine rebounds, three assists


Avangard Kiev: Jevgenia Spitkovska, 19 points, seven rebounds, five steals, eight forced fouls

Horizont Minsk: Najat Ouardad, 11 points, two rebounds, five assists, two steals


Kibirkštis Vilnius: Vita Kuktiene, 17 points, five rebounds, one assist, one steal, eff 15

Dynamo Moscow: Ana Dabovic, 23 points, seven rebounds, two assists, four steals, eff 25


STANDINGS, as of January 7

Group C

Good Angels 7-0 (+160)

TTT Rīga 6-1 (+175)

AZS UMCS Lublin 5-2 (+96)

Astana Tigers 2-5 (-130)

Istanbul University 2-5 (-101)

Vega 1/Liepāja 1-6 (-41)


Group D

Basket 90 Gdynia 6-1 (+63)

Dynamo Moscow 6-1 (+125)

Horizont Minsk 4-3 (-4)

Kibirkstis Vilnius 2-5 (-35)

Tsmoki Minsk 1-6 (-173)

Avangard Kiev 0-7 (-135)


Sunday, January 8

Group C, Liepāja

09:00 Istanbul University – Good Angels

11:15 Astana Tigers – Pszczolka AZS UMCS

13:30 Vega 1/Liepāja – TTT Rīga


Group D, Vilnius

10:00 Dynamo Moscow – Avangard Kiev

13:00 Basket 90 Gdynia – Kibirkstis Vilnius

16:00 Horizont Minsk – Tsmoki Minsk

The four best teams from each group will qualify for the Final Eight.


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